Love is in the Earth!

Those who love the environment do so in all areas of life - including yoga. We love our planet and want to do our part to ensure that yogis can practice this wonderful discipline with the utmost respect for the environment.

ReYoga was born out of the desire to offer a sustainable alternative for yoga products by choosing ecological, recycled or recyclable raw materials. Our journey began in 2012 and has brought us together with a wonderful community who appreciate and share our efforts to protect the environment and incorporate them into their daily yoga practice.

In December 2023 our company was recognized as a "Società Benefit".

An Italian legal form that, in addition to profit targets, officially imposes measures on companies that serve the clear purpose of improving the common good and protecting the environment.

We are proud of this recognition and it confirms not only to us but also to all our partners, customers and suppliers that the path we took years ago was the right one and that we can now continue our journey with renewed commitment.

Our new Commitments

The Articles of Association have been amended to reflect our corporate purpose, which includes the well-being and satisfaction of all who belong to it and the achievement of goals for the common good through responsible, sustainable and transparent action.

We are therefore committed to the following:

  • Promote investment in research and innovation to increasingly reduce the environmental impact of our actions;
  • Act in a way that does not harm the environment by favoring the local production chain whenever possible;
  • Communicate with our stakeholders in an educational and transparent manner to promote a culture of sustainability and make a positive contribution to the choices of individuals;
  • Advocate for the protection and restoration of natural resources;
  • Organize and support initiatives and projects in collaboration with other organizations that have a visible social and environmental impact;
  • Offer our employees better conditions than those stipulated by the national collective agreement;
  • Donate a percentage of our company's net sales to charitable and benevolent causes each year;
  • Support the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in particular Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production.

Raw materials and production

When developing our products, we carefully select the raw materials by evaluating their quality and environmental impact.

We have chosen to produce safe, high quality yoga products with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The main materials we use for our mats are natural rubber, cork, TPE and recyclable microfibers. The fabrics for instruments, accessories and clothing are made from regenerated and organic cotton, recycled and recyclable microfibers and cork.
We are conscious of our production and therefore try to reduce the consumption of raw materials by looking for ways to generate as little waste as possible during production and we strive to use the local production chain whenever possible.


We invest a lot of time in designing our product communication so that it is as clear and comprehensive as possible. We believe that informed choices are the best choices, so we always try to give our customers the opportunity to understand which products are best suited to their needs.

We do this with detailed product descriptions, in-depth reviews, personalized customer service and tools like our yoga mat selection guide.

The requests our customer service receives form the basis for improving our communication. From this we draw our conclusions to improve and correct information if it is unclear or could be misinterpreted in any way.


When we design packaging for our products, we always look for recycled and recyclable materials and avoid unnecessary packaging. Our compromise: it is more important to us that packaging is ecologically sustainable than strikingly beautiful.

We mainly use cardboard and paper for packaging because these materials are made from recycled raw materials and are easily recyclable. If we use plastic elements in the packaging, we only do so for certain products where this is necessary to ensure their durability and longevity.

When we use plastics in our shipping preparation, 98% of the time we do so with material that has not been specially purchased. In fact, almost all of the plastics in our orders come from materials used for optimal storage and preservation of products in our warehouse (so we can give new life to packaging that would otherwise just be recycled and avoid wasting new resources by buying disposable packaging).
For clothing packaging, in 2023 we introduced Vela™ bags made from FSC-certified recycled paper, which comes from a controlled supply chain that respects forests and is manufactured by a company that supports programs to protect the oceans and seas.

Our sustainable Social Engagement

We believe that every time a product reaches the end of its lifespan, its journey towards reuse begins.
We live in a society that has accustomed us to throwing away and buying new instead of repairing and reusing, and we know that this approach will not help us save the planet. We want to change that and do our part to reverse this trend. To achieve this, we are committed to promoting reuse by following three paths:

  • Find new uses for our products beyond yoga
  • Donate products to those who need them most (social projects)
  • Spreading instructions and information for creative recycling

In addition, every year we commit to supporting projects with a social background in our community. We do this through our products to bring yoga to where it is needed most and in various ways, including the donation of yoga mats or other yoga materials.

ReUse, ReInvent, ReCycle!

Here are some projects we have supported:



ReYoga donated yoga mats and tools to help the Italian NGO and Human Aid Organisation EMERGENCY raise funds.

more info
una mano per un sorriso - for children

Smiley Hand - for children

We donated yoga mats to the Smiling Center to help children in the Korogocho Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

more info
Il Cerchio

Free Yoga lessons for Women

Reyoga offerd free yoga mat rental for the "Yoga for Women" project, an initiative in collaboration with Ukrainian refugees.

more info
Yoga in carcere

Yoga in the prison of San Vittore

We supported a project of Yoga lessons for traumatized prison inmates by donating yoga mats and material.

more info

Special Projects

2023 was also the year we launched our Yoga For A Reason project to call our community to action and support initiatives to protect the environment and help people in need.

In collaboration with well-known yoga teachers, we offer an online yoga session at a price of 10 euros and we donate all proceeds (except for a small deductible to cover the costs of the platform) to charity.

With Yoga For A Reason, we launched the project "Let's clean the beaches together with Legambiente" in 2023 and were able to raise a total of €2,268 for the association for monitoring and cleaning Italian beaches and seabeds.

Dynamo Camp, which supports children and young people (aged 6-17) suffering from serious or chronic illnesses, was also supported as part of our Yoga for a Reason project.

Yoga for a Reason is currently only available in Italy, but we are working on expanding this project to other European countries.

Check back regularly and stay informed!

Our social commitment is always active, every day we try to carry out the projects and actions described above and we strive to improve our impact on the environment and the community.
Follow our updates on our blog "Yoga Stories", on our social media channels or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Are you part of a project where you could use our support or do you have an idea how we can get socially involved?
Write to us at


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